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2sec timer addiction


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Lately, I've been using the RTSIII 2-second timer for scenics and available light. This seems to sharpen the image by eliminating the finger-jab-shutter syndrome - no tripod needed. Just whack on the shutter, then exhale, assume Zen-like mental state, and stop heart beat. Try it!

I fired a roll with my newly-acquired F-Distagon (review pending): two-for-two sharp frames captured at 1/6 sec (scan pending). Even by the 1/f rule, that's cool!

If there's one thing about this camera I love, love, love, it is the use of dials and switches for everything. No menus, joysticks, browsers or firewire ports needed to convey one's wishes. The Drive Mode Selector dial is simply the cat's meow; by comparison, even the Aria gets a little fiddly.


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Hi Rico,
How I agree about dials and aperture rings and such like. "Analogue" is so much more straight forward and clear because you can see the whole picture set out in front of you at once rather than having to press buttons and look at screens to find and alter things. This is one of the things which is putting me off venturing into digital and has put me off other makes of cameras.


Interesting idea Rico. I think I'll try that out. I was doing handheld at 1/8 last night (foolishly probably) just to see if it would work (on the little contaflex super). Maybe I'll try a second set tonight at that speed using your method just to see if I get better results (same roll of film still in the camera). By the way, do you know if the RTS III is the only body Contax or Yashica that had mirror lockup? Thanks! -Lynn PS: About dials etc. I agree. That was one of the reasons I sold my 167MT, I never warmed to its layout and feel. But I love anything with real dials. Matter of fact, I'm starting to even dislike my faithful old EOS A2 for its plastic feel compared to the old and new Contax/Yashicas of better materials. (Although the EOS does perform flawlessly)


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Handy table of features for Contax C/Y models:

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Looks like the RTS bodies have MLU, all others not. No idea about Yashica, except that at least one model has mirror pre-fire. The 2-second timer tactic works because the RTSIII does not have mirror pre-fire: you can see your subject until the shutter trips. If the subject changes, you can delay firing by tapping the shutter button again, or abort mission by turning the camera off.