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300mm f28


New Member
I just purchased a 300mm 2.8 lens on Ebay from a retired staff photographer for the Star Tribune. The lens is in mint condition. I shot with it the day I received it and it worked perfectly with my D1H. The next day, I switched it to manual and it was smooth. I switched it back to AF and it started making a loud screeching sound when focusing. It looks like the distance ring is getting stuck when trying to focus. Has anyone ever encountered this problem???
Please help!
did you make any adjustment to your focusing switch?
i do not know if D1H is having the same switches as my F5. For my camera you got to switch on the camera body from S or C to M to allow for manual focusing. if i do not do that then i think you might have forcefully rotated the focusing bezel. perhaps you should bring it down to an authorised servicing agent.