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35 or 28


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I'm at the stage of buying a new wide lens for my kit, to replace what got knicked!


I had 35, 50, and 90mm lenses before the 35 and 90 got knicked.

I still have my 50mm Summicron-M.

I used to use either the 35 (most of the time - it was really my standard lens), or the 90 (occasionally for portraits, etc. I didn't use the 50 much, although I do like the qualities of that lens.

So - now I'm re-buying lenses, should I get a 35mm and 90mm again and trade in the 50 OR what do you think about retaining the 50, and using that for portraits, etc and getting a wider 28mm?

I did used to find the 90mm a little difficult to work with - the viewing area was very small to my mind...

Opinions welcome. I'm also considering Zeiss ZM (35, 85 and 28) instead of their Leica equivalents. Any opinions on this welcome also!!



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28mm will be good in many occasion. You can get narrower but you can't get any wider with 90mm and with 50mm, you can get 90mm effect as matter of moving yourself back and fro. Just a matter of opinion. I used to work with 50mm for artwork, exhibition on close up or portrait. If you are technically well verse with Leica behaviour, it can work wonders with 50mm lens. Maybe you may want to get an adapter for doubling up your focal length of the lens, from 50 to 90mm.


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I like 50mm @ 90mm, but I love the 35mm, and especially 21mm focal length. I use the 21mm most often.

Good Luck:



> I've got a pretty wide range of lenses but the two I like the most are my > 35mm f1.4 Summilux and my 21mm f2.8

The 35mm f1.4 is great for available light, which is often indoors. Also with reduced light and big aperature you need the shorter focal length. Imho 50mm f.14 has too shallow depth of field and is too hard to accurately focus in half-light.

The 21mm is grea for interiors and landscapes. The pics have a "wow" factor whilst shorter focal lengths (vide the 12mm Voigtlaender) have such an extreme perspective as to be distracting.

At the other extreme, my least used lens is the 135mm. I'm inclined to the view of a friendly retailer who said "They make great candlesticks".



Hi James,

I have got wide angle lenses with all possible focal lengths for the M-Leicas except 24mm but inclusive 15mm. I use 35mm much more than all the others together. I use it for landscape and architecture exposures and for groups of people. The most used focal length of mine, however, is 50mm that I use for all purposes.

Best wishes


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Re: New Lenses
I have a passion for lenses at the moment as detailed elsewhere, and as a result I have ordered on 21/09/07 a 35/f2 Summicrom-M in silver from Warehouse Express,cost £1520-00,but the result is no lens.
Apparently, there are none in the country,these lenses are made in Germany and Leica only set up production runs on current lenses when they have enough orders to justify a process line, they do not make lenses for stock or in anticipation of future purchases.
The profit margin on production must be extremely tight to make such decisions neccessary.
My order will stay in but I may have a wait of several months before I receive my beautiful new lens.
Leica at Milton Keynes have been very helpful putting me on an urgent list and will notify me as soon as a lens arrives in England ( I am down for the next one ), they also furnished the information printed above concerning production runs.
I hope the wait will be worth it !


> [Brian,

Ffordes of Beauly, Scotland, have these in stock. Check their listings (both new and used) at:
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28mm and 50mm make an excellent working pair. If you really like the 35mm FL sell the 50 and get a 75mm, because the 35 & 75 also make a great working pair.