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350D over exposure



Hi all,

A friend of mine has just bought a 350D and 18-55 kit. I took him out for some lessons at the weekend with my 20D and 17-85 in tow.

After a few shots it would appear that his 350D is overexposing by a full stop pretty much every time - more noticebly in automatic or programme modes.

Has anyone else come across this with the 350D?
Do you perhaps think it is a firmware issue (he has the latest 1.0.3)



(PS> i should add that it was not user error, purposfully underexposing 1 stop produced a perfect histogram)


Active Member
> I hve been using the original digital Rebel and have not had a problem with > overexposing. I usually set it to manual entirely. I have to watch that I > don't underexpose when checking the image on the LCD screen.


thanks for that Mary - it would appear that it was his lens... the 18-55mm. He has a nice shiny new Tamron 18-200mm and everything has happily corrected itself. No problems at all.



I have the same problem with my Rebel and 17-85 lens...overexposing some time 2 stops outdoor. Think I need Tamron ?