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350mm SA CFE info


Well-Known Member
Does anyone have experience with this lens?

I want to get into nature photography more and this would seem like a good buy.
Questions I have are of course:

Where can I get one?
What is the price?

Thanks all.


Well-Known Member

There is one for sale in England.
I use this lens occasionaly.
It belongs to the best medium tele lenses that I know.

Send me a pm if you would like to know more about the lens in England.



I use one, but use it less than intentionally I thought. It's
pretty expensive. From time to time to see oe in Ihhbay..
If you have a chance to borrow or rent one before buying do so.
Have a look to the Teleconverter APO 1.4XE as well.
Quality is excellent.


Well-Known Member
KEH has a 350 CF for $1749. A 250mm + tele-converter would be about the same price but would be more versatile. For my "long lens", I use a 250+2x..image quality is OK..but for nature photography 500mm isn't that long a lens. The CFV, however, will allow really tight crops, with OK results. A 39MP back would be much better but it is out of my price range, so I make do with what I have.



Well-Known Member
The 350 CF and the 350 SA CFE are different lenses.
The one at KEH is a CF.
A 350 SA will not be available for 1700 USD from a dealer.