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35mm f2 hood requirement


Well-Known Member
dear all,

i am after a hood for this lens - can anyone help? i have seen them advertised as replacement parts on an american website - B&H however don't want to spend £50!

does anyone know of third party suppliers?

merry christmas and many thanks,



Well-Known Member
Hi Vishal

I'm not normally an e-bay fan, but this guy sells a lot of these replacemen t hoods, which look identical to my friend's Leica hood (I have the oblong plastic variant, he has the round one). Frankly at this price you probably have nothing to lose by trying one out! Let me know if you do and its any good!

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In a similar vein, does anyone know where I can pick up a good second hand pentax digital spot meter for a reasonable price? The prices on ebay are so ridiculous I may as well buy new!

Cheers, James


Well-Known Member
Hello James,

Thanks for the link - it didn't work.

I have looked on eBay but no joy -

Just paid and ordered on from a dealer in Scotland - should arrive in the new year!

Can't believe I just spend £66 on a plastic hood and cap!!

Happy New Year...