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35mm14 vs 50mm14




I am considering to add 35mm/1.4 Distagon into my lens line-up.
I had 50mm/1.4 before satisfying overall performance. After selling my planar to my friend, I miss standard lens.
I think the angle of 35mm would be good to me because I already have 100mm Makro for macro and portrait.

But how about image quality compared with 50mm/1.4?
Please compare the 35mm/1.4 Distagon with 50mm/1.4 and 28mm/2.8 in terms of color,contrast, sharpness and etc.




I used a 35mm f1.4 for over 15 years as my standard lens for Wedding Photography. I will always stand by this lens as possibly the sharpest lens I have ever seen on a 35mm camera. I traded all my CX kit in for Nikon F90xPro. One year later I traded it back for Contax. NOTHING beats the Contax lens/camera combination, ( 35mm or 654 ), for handling or performance. I am now back to using my 35 as my standard.
I think the 35 is sharper, but with equal colour/contrast performance to the 50mm f1.4.



I'd recomend not to compare the three lenses in terms of color, contrast an= d sharpness. Consider the usefulness of wide-angle and great aperture and y= ou will end up with the 1,4/35 (like me). You can even work with narrow dep= th of field. But do not forget the weight. It's about two times the other l= enses (each).

If you still want something to compare: As far as I can tell the Zeiss 35 m= m is much better than the Nikon AiS 1,4/35 and the Leica M 1,4/35 (old vers=