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400 color print opinions needed


Just thought i'd get some opinions and narrow the field a bit. My main subjects are family photos and landscapes. Thanks in advance! Characteristics of special interest are grain and warmth or coolness.


400 ISO print is severely limiting, particularly for landscapes. The best all around 400 print film I've used is Fuji 400 NPH. If I was forced to shootlandscapes with those limitations, I'd use Kodak Portra 400UC.



I second Tom on Fuji NPH 400. It's a very good film for portraits (your family shots) in that speed. Although NPS 160 is much better in my opinion. When it comes down to landscapes though, it's not really an appropriate choice. You can use it if you like the results obviously. I honestly don't think there is a really good negative film in ISO400 suitable for landscapes. Slides are usually the preferred route. In B&W Delta 400 would probably be good though. Especially when used with filters.



>I love Kodak Portra 160 NC for skin tones. I mainly shoot kids/candids but have found it excellent for all ages. I'm just trying the Kodak High Definition colour film (35mm), anyone have any comments on that?


Just FYI. This is semi-relevant. I hadn't shot Kodak products for a number of years, until about 10 days ago when I needed some print film in a hurry for just some fun shots. I have to mail order for any of my usual films, and since there was no time, I just bought a few rolls of Kodak's Royal Gold 200 from a local store. I had used Royal Gold 400 about 5 years ago happily. I was happily surprised at the results of this consumer grade film and thought about getting some more. Looking at my local store this week, their supply of it is down to about 3 rolls, where they had at least 50 rolls previously. Bad news. Calling B&H I was told that Kodak has killed Royal Gold. It has been discontinued.


Why don't you try something a bit faster?. I've tried out Fuji NPZ 800. It works well for indoor portraits - good skin tones, no more visible grain than 400. And you get the benefit of another f stop to play with!