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45mm f28 P



I am considering the purchase of a 45 f2.8 p for my FM3a. I'm wondering if it is worth the very high price, $450.00 in Canada, I can't find a used one. I have read very contradictory reviews on the net. Some people just seem to be anti Nikon, so I'm looking for opinions from Nikon lovers.


It is a good lens with good definition and sharpness and good bokeh.
You can find an used one in mint condition at
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for around 265.00 US dollars.


I hope this does not come to late ( I have just come back from holiday ).

The 45mm is my favourite lense, it is always mounted to my fm3a. When I bought my fm3a they did not have it in stock so I purchased the 50mm f/1.4 afd (which I now regret). I picked the lense a month later on after much deliberation.

This is a fantastic lense, the build quality is great and the results are excellent. I shoot hp5+ developed in acutol and printed in my darkroom and the results are first class. The fm3a and 45mm lense is a great combination, I try to carry it everywhere I go because it is small and light. A welcome relief after lugging my rz around all day.

There are very varied reviews, the main issue seems to be the price. I think the build quality alone justifies the price nevermind the results.

Ken Rockwell gave his opinion without ever using the lense. Here are some *real* reviews.

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