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A friend inherited a very nice Hassleblad 500c and a bag full of accessories, and asked me to help find a home for it. We'd prefer it go to someone who will use it and take good care of it. Seems to be in excellent condition. Going from memory, there's a 300mm lens (Hassleblad also I believe), a prism viewfinder, two film cassettes, some filters, a cable release, a mechanical timer, and some type of film cutting device. It's all very clean and has been taken care of. Anyone have any suggestions who to talk to, or where we could have it checked out? We're located in Montana, so there isn't a good local shop. I have some idea of it's value from looking at ebay, but I'd like a second opinion. I can get photos and more specs...
Hi, I'm new to the forum and still looking to purchase my first blad so I've been watching and learning here. As it happens I also live in MT (Bozeman) and depending on condition of the equipment and the price I would be interested in what you're offering. Let me know if you find a place to have it evaluated, I don't really have any leads on local places either.