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5060 filters


New Member
I haven't found any UK retailers (e-tail or otherwise) who actually stock the 5060 filter set - anyone found a supplier (with reasonable prices)?


New Member
> Am obliged for the pointers to sourcing suitable filters for 5060. Olympus Europe does say any brand filter can be used, but will not be covered by warranty. However, since they couldn't confirm availability of Olympus' own filters (!) or any filter weight restrictions guess I'll try another brand.
"any brand filter can be used, but will not be covered by warranty" !!! what sort of nonsense is that? what does a filter got to do with anything covered by a warranty?


Well-Known Member
> Sounds to me like they're saying they won't warranty third-party accessories or any damage caused by them (e.g., miscut threads) -- which is just about everyone's > standard policy anyhow. It does not sound to me like the use of third-party filters would void the camera's warranty.


New Member
Beeing a bit of a newcommer to good equipment could someone tell me how you fit a filter to a 5060?

Do you need an adapter or do they just go over the lens? If so how does it work with the zoom etc?

Thanks very much



New Member
Well, Thanks for wasting £35 of my money for not knowing what you are talking about. Sure the CLA-7 is for my camera. BUT YOU CAN'T FIT FILTERS ON IT, only the very expensive wide and tele lens.

If anyone knows where to get an adapter tube that fits the 5060 so that I can use normal 40.5mm filters, then I would really appreciate it if they could post info here.


New Member
Apologies for misleading you Slack.

Read my post above dated 4 Jan.

You can always hang on to your CLA7 for when your interest develops, and you feel the need for additional lens convertors, or resell it on amazon or ebay.