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5060 malfunctioning



Hi, My C5060z has gone crazy... 70% of the functions do not work, the mode dial is inoperable and I can't access menus. When I turn on the camera, the flash menu sometimes appears, while everything else freezes. I sent the camera back to Hong Kong while still under warranty, but the seller lost it for seven months and when it was eventually returned to me, the problem had not been fixed. I'd be most grateful for any clues as to what the problem could be. Thanks.


New Member
I did have the same problem, I send it to Olympus in Amsterdam and they put a new mode dail in it and everything is working good since then.
I have heart it is a common problem in a certain range of serienubers, the first one.



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>Your 5060 is suffering mode dial failure. There have been many postings to the MyOlympus (Yahoo) group about this failing. It appears you have little choice but to send it back to Olympus for a standard repair and hope it's still in warranty. If not I believe it's a $200 + repair. There is a good write up here
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Good luck.


Thanks very much for your replies and information. I will send the camera back to Olympus for repair and hope that they will act in an honourable fashion. Lynton.


I wonder if there is any significance in the fact that Olympus have reduced the number of mode dial options from 12 on my C-5060 to just 8 on the C-7070?