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50mm Rolleigon for 6008i

Friends, I have been offered a 50mm Rolleigon in fine condition for $300. Obviously, this is a fraction of the cost for even an EL series lens, which gets mixed reviews. I understand that this is a stop down lens. Is any one using this lens with their 6008i body? Is it compatible, and what would be the process involved with metering and shooting this stop down lens? Also does this have any flare coating? I do not mind a little inconvenience if the images are even close to what I get with my other Zeiss and Schneeider lenses, especially for the price. Frankly, it is either this or nothing - at least for the time being. Many thanks.


Just wondering whether you bought the 50mm Rolleigon and if so what your experience has been.

I've had my Integral 2 for about a month now and put through close to 50 rolls of film. I am getting to a point when I would be composing and wishing I had a wide angle available. I only have the 80mm PQS lens that came with the package.

I am also considering going to the EL series lens because of the price of the PQ and PQS lenses. Anyone have any recommendation? Is the higher price worth it. I take pictures as a hobby and no intention, at the moment, to make a living of these pictures.
Generowe, I did buy the lens. I shot with it last week for the first time and do not yet have the images back. The perspective is great, looking much like a 28mm in the 35mm realm. Using it is a bit of a drag. It does not stop down. To set the correct opening, in aperature priority, you have to set the shutter speed, then hit the DOF button and check to see if you are over or under exposed. Then move the shutter speed again and recheck. The correct exposure setting means no red dots on either side of the green light. With a couple shots, I just used my Sekonic meter. I am sure that with time, the process would go smoother. Actually, it probably is a better teaching tool than the regular PQ/S lenses, because you will develop a feeling for correct speeds and openings since it is not fully automated. As for optics, again I can not say. But I read on that they compared very favorably with the Distagon. As for the EL lenses, I have the 150mm which I got on Ebay. I spoke to the Rollei rep who told me that it was optically identical to the 150 Sonnar. There are some cosmetic differences and I believe that it has a different filter mount as well. I find the optics to be excellent. I have the 90mm Schneider which is the gold standard for MF lenses (in my humble opinion), and I find that the 150mm EL does a very creditable job. Do not buy retail ($1500+/-). You should be able to get the 150mm EL for around $500 in mint shape on Ebay, and perhaps the Sonnar for a bit more. The best 150mm is the Schneider, but expect to pay $1500 or so. Hope this helps. Let me know what you end up with.