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5D to be discontinued


Well-Known Member
There are some rumours.

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I would believe so. 5D is very good, in fact, it is so good that other rival companies has not come up with any competing solutions since the introduction of 5D nearly two years ago.

If I were Canon, I would hate the existence of this camera. It has reduced the sale of the 1DsII as the customers has a choice of a cheaper alternative. Canon might wish to introduce a model soon but with the 5D, she could not start the new model with a higher price.

If I were Canon, I would discontinue the 5D and made the market thirsty for this kind of model for a period of time. She could introduce the new model in a much higher price.


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If Canon discontinues the 5D (which I just bought) it would really piss off a lot of people. Sort of the way Contax did before folding up.


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What I believe is buying a 5D now could be a good thing. If it is really discontinued, Canon might introduce models which is more expensive.