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5D with a Maxxum 4000 Flash and the FS1100


New Member

I have a Maxxum 4000 AF Flash that I have been using with my Maxxum 5 Analogue through an FS-1100 shoe adapter. The flash works just fine with the Maxxum 5, but when I use it with my 5D, I do not get any exposure compensation when running in auto modes. For instance, a particular shot on my 5 Analogue could be 6@f5.6 with no flash, and 100@f5.6 with the flash, but the 5D would be 6@f5.6 regardless of the flash settings. The AF on the flash works just fine, so the camera is telling the flash the focal length of the shot, but the exposure is left unchanged. Anyone have any experience with this?