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6002 TTL Flash


I have a 6002 and a SCA 356 and Metz 38 CT but not the instructions for the 356. My assumption for using the equipment ensemble is that I plug it all up switch the flash to TTL and the camera to manual. Then I pick a shutter speed and aperture and allow the camera/flash to sort out the amount of flash required. The viewfinder displaying a green led if the exposure was ok.
The 6002 manual doesn't actually say switch to manual when using TTL and also doesn't say what indicates an underexposed shot. Any thoughts?
And if I plug the flash/sca 356 into my SL2000F what facilities will I get - if any?



On your 6002, as well as 6008 SRC 1000, 6008 Professional, 6003 SRC 1000, 6006, 6006 Mod II, set the ASA speed on the camera AND the SCA 356 adapter. The camera shutter speed should be at AUTO and not Manual. (See
NOTE below for newer 600x models).

For Fill-In flash, set the film speed for ambient light exposure on the camera and the film speed for the flash exposure on the SCA 356 adapter. You will need to dial in a relevant ASA value on the SCA 356 to adjust for the amount of flash. For ex&le, if you use a higher ASA value the flash emit less light and with a lower ASA value the flash emits more. You may have to experiment with the compensating stops that need to be added or subtracted, to optimise your results which will differ if you're outdoors or indoors/studio.

FYI see this link for your Rollei 600x FAQ's:
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NOTE: This is different for the newer 6008i, 6008E, and 6003 Professional models. The film speed is set on the camera while the SCA 356 adapter is set only to 100 as described in the camera's instruction manual.


Thanks CZ - I think though that the 6002 must be different because it is shutter speed priority and not aperture. So I have to set the shutter speed manually. The question is do I use the automatic aperture selection?



Most likely because the whole idea of TTL flash is that it IS automated.
If all else fails
call Rollei customer support at:

Rollei U.S.A., LLC
1275 Bloomfield Avenue
Bldg 7 Unit 38
Fairfield, NJ 07004

(973) 244-9660 voice
(973) 244-9818 fax


I put the TTL question to Rollei via last night at 10pm this morning at 9am this reply was on my system.

Dear Mr. McGhee,
At the 6002 the aperture must be set on manual values, in auto mode the TTL-metering is not working.

Best regards

Stefan Scholz
Service Manager

That's what I call service.