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60mm lenses



I have seen several references to a 60mm Schneider optic. Was this discontinued? I can only see the CZ Distagon in the catalog or on the Rollei-USA site.
If it does indeed exist, what was the spec and will it work with a 6008i? I have the 40 Schneider and it is wonderful.


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I have the 60mm Schneider Curtagon and it's wonderful, too. It works perfectly with a 6008i (as is mine), because it's a PQ-lens. All I can tell is, that Schneider really did not make a lot of these lenses. They are ultra-hard to find. If you want one: I have mine for sale... (use more portrait lenses).


I have had the 60 mm Curtagon for many years now and use it as my regular lens. Love it. Goes well with other Schneider lenses, but I must say it is on a par with Leica 35 mm summicron - just a magnificent lens. Buy one.



Interestingly, I have at the moment both Curtagon and Distagon 60mm lenses. I tested them for fall-off at full aperture and resolution at two distances. There is not much between them, the Curtagon has marginally better resolution at the edges and has overall, a lower contrast, so it may not appear so 'sharp'. Central resolution on both lenses was outstanding from f5.6 onwards and pretty good at full aperture. It was measured using a USAF chart, PanF+ and dilute Perceptol, checked with a 10x loupe.