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645AF To flip or not to flip



I am going to employ my Contax 645 into my weddings. My question is; should I flip the camera or flip the flash? And which brackets are you guys using? I will be using the Quantum Q-flash w/TTL.

I'm thinking that it would be quicker and easier to flip the camera than the flash, cause when I'm on the tripod, I won't have to move the camera.


New Member
Camera flip is definately the way to go. I think that I have looked at about everything out there and I finally settled on the Custom Brackets QRS rig after returning one made by Stroboframe. The QRS features a unique arc that allows a smooth rotation. PLEASE NOTE: there is not enough clearance for your PC cord with this bracket and you will have to send it in for a modification. They will adjust the camera forward or back to create clearance.