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70210mm F35 zoom




This is my first time on this site and I have a question that need your help. A friend is offering me this zoom lens in a very good price, and I would like to know the performance of this particular lens. As far as I know, many of my friends who own this lens swear by it, and I would like to know your experiences before I made up my mind. Thanks,


Hi Edward,

I am using 70-210 f3.5. The quality is really very good I ever have to a zoom lens. Besides, it provides a macro function which mag. ratio is up to 1/2 life size. However, it is quite heavy. What I recall is 1.125 Kg. Anyway, you can check the spec. from the website. I am actually seeking for someone to comment on 70-210 f3.5 vs 80-200 f4.

I bought this lens at a very high price so that I did not want to tell you the price and bias your decision. You can check ebay which recently has such lens for bid. The buy it now price is USD1400.0




I too have a 70-210mm Vario Sonnar which I use with my RTSIII - incidentally, the lens will be for sale shortly along with my other RTS gear - I'm moving to digital.

This lens is a cracker - probably the best quality mid range zoom I have tried. When I bought it, I did some lens test charts at 135mm and compared them with the 135mm Zeiss f2.8 lens which I had at the time. The Zoom was at least as good throughout the tests, and in some cases was better - the edge performance was outstanding. It is a heavy lens, and it has the macro facility which is excellent. If you are getting it at a good price, buy it - it is a very versatile piece of glass!

ps a lot of the shots on my site were taken with this lens - check out
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