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72 dpi from 20d


New Member
recently the 20d has started providing large 72dpi versions from all jpeg quality options when opening in cs. changing to 300 is easy but is this a camera issue or a default in photoshop that needs changing?.used digital for years but not sure why.
any ideas


Don't know why - my friend has the same problem. I still have to 10D and I'm very happy with it, it provides me with 240dpi when I shoot raw, and 180dpi with jpeg. Please let me know what you find out. Thank you


New Member
People get completely confused worrying about dpi and not image size. Ignore the dpi and look at the actual image size. The image size will vary according to what quality jpg you are storing when you shoot (S,M,L). When you use an image editing program (Photoshop, Elements, DPP ) you can manipulate the image to the appropriate size for your intended use.


New Member
dpi (dots per inch) is a printer specification determined when you set your print parameters. Pehaps you are referring to ppi (pixels per inch) which is a screen image specification. Neither of these, of course, are determined by the camera. In any event, it is really a non-issue (at least, in the current discussion) because neither number means anything as far as image size is concerned. A 100 ppi image 10" by 6" is the same "size" as a 50 ppi image that is 20" by 12" or a 200 ppi image that is 5" by "3." To verify, change the ppi to another number and do the the math (or check the file size using the "save as" option).



So is everyone telling us that DPI on a camera shouldn't matter since we can change anything with photoshop? Grant it - 240 DPI I always seem to bump up to 300 any ways even though my printer claims it doesn't matter since 240 DPI is pretty damn sweet quality