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Does any leica fans heard the 75mm/F2.4 APO-ELMARIT-M lens before & how does this quality compare with the 75mm f 1.4
all the best


Well-Known Member
> I have never heard of a 75mm f2.4 APO - if it is a real thing, I'd be > very interested in hearing about it!

- marc


Dear Eric and Marc,

To my knowledge there were two prototypes made by Leitz Canada in the mid-80s. One is now in the possession of Tom Abrahamsson and reviewed in the LHSA Viewfinder Vol.34 No.1. To quote part of Tom's comparison with the f/1.4 "the f/2.4 exhibits high contrast at f/2.4, higher than the f/1.4 at that aperture. Stopping down to f/4 or f/5.6 I cannot really tell the difference. The f/1.4 is a lens that one would use wide open or at f/2, the f/2.4 would make an excellent all-round lens in a "long" normal lens configuration."

It really a pity Leitz/Leica never put it into production.