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8500 Mirror



I own a Nikkor 8/500 mm latest version. I am quite happy with it, but I hear frequently some complaints about this lens.
Can I share some experiences with other owners, resp. opinions?


New Member
[I recently purchased this lens thru Ebay and cannot tell you how happy I am that I did. I was aware of the favorable comments (by Moose Peterson of this lens as being "tack sharp", and other reports) were so highly regarded, I also purchased a 2x teleconverter for that "extra push" when shooting wildlife. I would highly recommend this lens to anyone who can find one when it is available. I took a picture of the half-moon last night and have included for your review (no editing). My only other comment about this lens is that it takes some practice and skill to focus, as the lens is very, very sensitive. It works great for static subjects (such as landscape and wildlife) but is very difficult to focus for action shots that are dynamic (such as sports, action, moving subjects) (I also posted a shot taken at the local model airplane park of such a moving target). Hope this helps