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90 mountain Elmar



Quite a few 90 postings here, but I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned the three-element f/4 collapsible Elmar? I believe this lens is also called the "mountain" Elmar - presumably because it's light enough for mountaineers to take along. Its claim to fame is that you can stick it in your shirt pocket, and it fits into a standard M3 ER case. But is it really that more compact than, say a f/2.8 Elmarit? How good is it?


> Not the Mountain Elmar. That lens is a bit of an elusive beast: a 105mm > f6.3 lens which came only for the LTM cameras. It's easily recognised by its > rigid tapering barrel. I don't think there was ever any kind of weight advantage in a collapsible 90mm Elmar, in fact, somebody correct me if my impression is wrong, but I always found the collapsible 90/4 to be rather heavier than the rigid version. It advantage is compactness.


You are right Andy; the collapsible Elmar is heavier than the fixed mount version. It is also a four element lens with the last two cemented.


From memory, I think the collapsible Elmar 90 is around twice as heavy as the rigid version, and much fatter.


The 9cm Elmar came in many rigid mounts, the earlier ones being all brass.

THe rigid weighed between 250 and 300 grams and the collapsible was thicker at the base and weighed 340 grams.
The performance of this rare lens is not as good as Elmar 90/4 but the price is very high on eBay. But, I found a copy of this lens, Russian FED 100/6.3 non-coating lens is very sharp and good for color photographing, too. The russian lens is more cheaper.