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90mm CElmar



One of my first posts on here -great site!

I have been using my M6TTL for about seven months, with an Elmar 2.8 50. I am about ready to purchase another lanes, and I am looking at the 90mm C-Elmar. I have heard that this lens has problems focusing with the rangefinder on the M-Leicas. Have any of you encountered any noticeable differences?

By the way, I really love using my M6. It's such a change from medium and large format stuff!


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I have a m6 non-ttl and use an elmar 4.0 90 mm. with no problems though I have read that some people have problems with the focusing - if you have the posibillity try the lens in the shop at close focus and some steps in betwen up to infinity and at different apertures and if your test film is sharp go for it
> Oficialy there is a diferance in the focusing cams of the normal M lenses and the CL lenses. I used both CL lenses on M's and M lenses on a CL. Never had a problem


Dear Jason,

As Michiel has indicated the focusing cam on CL lenses is steeper than M lenses. For that reason you may find the 1:4/90 Elmar-C does not focus accurately at f/4 when set a 1 metre. As Ruben has suggested take two shots with the lens at f/4, one at infinity and one at one metre making sure you analyse the results at a decent magnification, and not with small to medium prints. Slides are best.

It is a very fine lens, however I was pleased to upgrade to a 1:2.8/90 Tele-Elmarit-M which is a very similar lens both in performance and size with the advantage of being twice as fast.

Have fun.



> I have used both CL lenses on a M4. The instructions I got from Leitz warned about possible focusing problems because the more compact lenses had a steeper cam, but said the way to check was whether the lenses focused at infinity. If this was OK then focus would be fine at other > distances. I have never had a problem. The Elmar C 90mm f4 is extremely sharp throughout its aperture range, and easier to focus with an M body than with the CL. A lovely lens.