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90mm Structural Quality



Hey Guys/Gals,

I just picked up a 90mm Sonnar for my G2 on ebay. I paid 160.00 bucks for it in an auction. I noticed something that kinda worries me, tell me if you have any experience with it.

I was cleaning my 90 when I felt something move within the body of the lens, ever so slightly. I don't know specifically where the movement is in the lens, it feels near the aperature ring.

The lens focuses fine when I play around with the camera. I obviously need to run a roll through it to check it out, because I obviously cannot see what the lens sees when it focuses.

Does anyone else had problems with lens structural problems? Anyone felt anything loose in their lens? What did you do?



The 90mm on my G1 is the only problem I've ever had with my G1 (sometimes the 90 doesn't lock in for autofocus until you play with it) and it is the only G series lens I ever see complaints about on the 'boards.

I don't know if the lens just stresses the cameras because of the weight, or if it pushes the build tolerances, or if there is a fundamental tolerance problem, but the 90 can apparently be annoying to more people than just I.

However, when I can get it to lock in, it takes great pix.

Oh, a note. I was in LA at Sammy's the other day and they tried to get me to buy a G2 with a blown frame counter LCD for $550. Since you can buy mint G2s on Ebay for the same price they wanted for this one, if you go to Sammy's in West Hollywood and they still have the thing, talk them down another $100 and you'll probably have a good deal. The rest of the camera seemed to work ok.



Blown frame counter ? how much will it cost to fix it. Probably much more than you would have to pay for a Mint in Box one, plus this $450.- Now you get such a great deal in NY G2 with 3 Lenses under $2000.- new in Box without Bullshit