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90mm Summicron R f2


New Member
}i know this has probably been asked before but i am fairly new to this forum, so i will ask again.
i just purchased a 90mm summicron lens. it is a series 7 type. i just found out that that refers to the lens filter. another type is a 55 type.
i was told that the series 7 was made in germany and the 55 in canada.
question: which one is the newer of the two? and is there any difference in performance?


All 90mm Summicron-R lenses before the current APO lens were made in Canada. There are no optical differences between the Series VII and 55mm type. If you want to use 55mm filters on the lens, either have the lens converted to 55mm ($$$) or use a 54mm-to-55mm step-up ring.


Well-Known Member
I am considering a Summicron-R 90/2, serial #2812xxx. Can anyone tell me if this was made as a 2-cam or a 3-cam lens? I realize, of course, that 2-cam lenses can be converted to 3-cam. Thanks.


Active Member
According to Sartorius 3 cam lenses started with number 2761033 and was in E55 filter thread well before the serial number you mention.


I just got a 90 R/2 and will refer you to Doug Herr's very useful web site on lenses seeing as he was too modest to mention it in his post above.
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