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A below with elmariy 90


New Member
Id like to go into macro photogrphy and i was wondering if i could use a below (novoflex,leica)with one of my lenses elmarit 90mm ,summicron 50mm or the elmarit 35mm instead of buying a macro lense.
Im already using the Elpro on 35/50 its superb but i would like to go closer.


Well-Known Member
The 90mm would be the best bet to use with the bellows. The 35mm would obviously get you closer, but you will have little to no room in front of the lens to way to arange lighting,etc.


The 50mm Summicron-R and the 90mm Elmarit-R will do quite well if you stop down to f/8 or smaller. I'm not sure how well the 35mm Elmarit-R will do. You might have problems with teh subject getting too close to the front element.


New Member
Will i be able to achive simalar performance with elmarit 90mm with bellow to those i will have with the macro lenses 60mm/100mm.