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A couple of B&W self portraits...


Well-Known Member
DSG....Great B&W....:z04_bier01:
(I added the pictures to the thread with my comments...Hope you don't mind...)

First one: I love the shadows...and detail around the chin area...Always liked one side darker than the other with this kind of look....!!!

Second one: Great eyes....!!!

Awesome stuff...!!! :z02_respekt:

Would you mind posting the details of how you achieved both shots...??

Thanks....Tony C.


Well-Known Member
Both are dramatic, but I like the brighter light on the second one. It causes your face to emerge fully from the darkness, while the first one seems to remain in the shadow.

I'd also be interested in your lighting set up.



Well-Known Member
The lighting setup was very simple. Pop up flash on the camera to fill the right of my head and an incadescant spot light to fill the front and left of my head. The latter cost me 20p at a car boot sale.
The result is flattering light that fills deep facial lines and wrinkles, making me look 10 years younger.