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A Nice Day - Time Lapse


Well-Known Member
This time lapse did not suffer from batteries running low, I used an extension cord and shot for over 7 Hours. Due to a SD14 hang, I ended up loosing 45 minutes of shooting time and once I had everything back on track the exposure total reached 5105. I simplified the credits compared to prior videos, blended through the disruption, and I added a sound track with music by Kevin MacLeod.

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Well-Known Member
Awesome Steaphany!
I saw some UFOs! lol. Makes me want to go outside now.
The sunset was amazing, my favorite part was right before the sun came into frame.


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Hi Steaphany,

Very nice!!! What a beautiful sky, it is just what I needed to see after the second day of steady ran. :)

Good luck with your pictures,



Well-Known Member
Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

The UFOs are passing high altitude jets, watch closely and you'll see several.