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A non-Sigma lens compendium


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I find great interest in the prospect of using non-Sigma lenses on the SD14, personally and not the least because it could attract more users to the SDx line.

I have compiled some information from various sources, mostly the Sigma forum on DPREVIEW. I would very much like you to look through the text and see if there are information left out, examples of conversion (links/pictures) or wrong info. The document:
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Thanks everyone

Kind regards


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From the sidelines came the reply, "I'll wait to see the results, after you buy yours first!". ;) I think the location of the reseller might have had some bearing on his response. :)

Sincere regards, Jim R.


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Re: Split screen adaptor

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Thanks, Steaphany.
I have seen it. I am not entirely convinced that it is of great use. But maybe I should include it, and point to some users experiences with it.
I hope KatzEye make one.

Again, thanks for the reply.

kind regards


Hi Øyvind,
It's probably off topic for this thread, but in your section "SA Camera Mount replacement" you say " Currently there are investigation ongoing regarding the possibility of exchanging the SA mount on the SD-14 with a Canon mount. The info at this moment is not conclusive". I converted my SD14 to Canon EF mount so it is conclusive that it can be done. If you would like to link to my "proof of concept" gallery it's at:
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I guess what is not conclusive is whether anyone will make this conversion commercially available, like the Leica R and Nikon F conversions mentioned in your compendium.


Converting SD14

Hi Jerry,
a nice job,well done.:z02_respekt:
could you you give us more detail,propably in an extra thread?


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Hi Jerry

I am aware of you conversion, it will be in my next version, along with a major rewrite.
I know Luis has been investigating the possibility of offering a SD14/15 ready made with the conversion in place, but I do not know how far he is with that.
I consider the EF conversion one of the best options, as it opens up for almost any type of lens (of course, limitations do apply).

I have made a chart (in draft version) that shows the options.
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Most of my lenses came as M42 mount lenses and so did'nt need converting before I could use them...For the ones that needed conversion I will add what mount they came as and what mount I converted them to in brackets.
Here is a list of the lenses that I have found to be fully compatable for use on the SD10 and SD14, in order of ascending FL...Primes first:

Sigma 14mm f3.5 (rectalinear) (FD-M42)
Tokina RMC 17mm f3.5 TL (rectalinear) (MD-M42)
Tokina 24mm f2.8
Carl Zeiss 28mm f2.8 Distagon T* (C/Y-SA)
Sirius 28mm f2.8 Macro
Carl Zeiss Jena 29mm f2.8
Optomax 35mm f2.8
Nikon 35mm f1.4 AIS (Nikon-SA)
Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.7 Planar T* (C/Y-PK)
Pentacon 50mm f1.8
Meyer-Optik Oreston 50mm f1.8
Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm f2.8
Nikon E-Series 50mm f1.8 AIS
Wray 2" (50.4mm) f1.0 (-M42)
Canon FL 55mm f1.2 (FL-SA)
Nikon Micro-Nikkor 55mm f2.8
Minolta Rokkor 58mm f1.4 (MD-SA)
Mamiya-Sekkor 645 80mm f2.8 N
Carl Zeiss 85mm f1.4 Planar T* (C/Y-SA)
Tamron 90mm f2.5 SP Macro
Nikon 105mm f2.5 AIS (Nikon-F-SA)
Sigmatel Scalematic 135mm f1.8 (YS MD-YS M42)
Mamiya-Sekkor 645 150mm f3.5 N
Carl Zeiss Jena 180mm f2.8 "Olympic" Sonnar
Nikon Micro-Nikkor 200mm f4 IF AIS
Mamiya-Sekkor 645 210mm f4 N
Tamron 300mm f2.8 LD IF
Taylor-Hobson 12" (304.8mm) f4 (Vinten F95-M42)
Vivitar 400mm f5.6
Enna Tele-Ennalyt 400mm f4.5
MTO 1000A 1100mm f10.5 (T2 Nikon-F-T2 PK)

Vivitar 28-200mm f3.5-f5.3 Macro (OM-SA)
Vivitar 35-200mm f3.0-f4.5 Macro (C/Y-M42)
Tamron CF Tele Macro 80-210mm f3.8-f4 BBAR MC


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C/Y to SA lens mount conversion.

This is my first posting on the forum so please excuse me if I
transcend any unwritten protocols or rules.
I am interested in converting a zeiss planar 50mm MMJ to SA mount
but am experienceing difficulty location a supplier of the hardware.
The closest I have come is Leitax but they only do a leica to SA or a contax to PK (not SA) .
I notice in your posting that you have made several such conversions.
Any help would be much apreciated


Great overview !!!

Also don`t forget all the really good manual focus lenses of the TAMRON SP lens range. From 17mm to 500mm mirror lens, including the excellent Makro 90mm f2.5, 135mm f2.5, 180mm f2.5 LD, 300mm f2.8 LD, 400mm f4.0 LD and the 1.4 lens converter among others.

With the Tamron ADAPTALL adaptor for Pentax PK or KA (A-Mode with SD14)

is working and the conversion is just one very short cut on the aperture lever (no danger from dust because the adaptor doens`t have any glass) and the clicking on the readymade ADAPTALL on the bayonet of the Tamron lens.

Just look for those jewels at bargain prices on the wellknown e-site.