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A70 Direct Print compatibility


New Member

I'm a Powershot A70 owner and I've recently buyed an Epson Stylus Photo R300 that supports USB DIRECT-PRINT and PictBridge, but I'm having problems when connecting my camera to the printer. The printer says it can't use this kind of peripheal. I'm using the USB cable supplied with the camera to connect it to the PC. If I connect the A70 to my PC with this USB cable, it works, but when I connect the camera to the printer directly with this same cable, I get an error message. I've read something about another cable called "direct interface cable" or DIF-100. May I use this cable to solve the problem? Is the DIF-100 cable only for CP printer series?

Thanks a lot for your help!


that is because by default the PowerShot A70 is not PictBridge compatible.

However you can update the firmware of the camera so it will become PictBridge compatible and then you can print on your Epson PictBridge printer...

To perform the update yourself go to :
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or send the camera in to a service center... they usually do it free of charge...