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Abandoned Ship


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In 1974 the MV Irish Trader left the port of Sharpness in the Bristol Channel bound for Drogheda carrying a cargo of 410 tonnes of fertiliser when it ran aground on the soft sands of Baltray Beach, County Louth.

The reasons why it should flounder so near to Port are still unclear to this day but now some 36 years later there is very little left of her owing to the constant battering of the sea which returns twice a day to dismember her piece by piece.

Very soon there will be little or nothing left to see.

Because of the tides one has to carefully time when to visit the wreck to ensure access when the water is receding to its lowest ebb.

Hasselblad with 75mm zone plate ( a type of pinhole which softens the image)

Rodinal 1:50 for 14 mins @ 20 degrees C.


  • MVIrishTrader003.jpg
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  • MVIrishTrader003.jpg
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