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About free Raw Data Developer


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John, the Adobe site gives some hints. They say the $99. Adobe RAW Developer plug-in for PS7 is a limited offer. It will be included in the PS 8 upgrade. So if you already have PS7 you will only need to pay for an upgrade if they follow their past policy.


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John, the Raw developer will be rolled in to PS8 when it comes out, = when i don't know? there was a rumor around sep 03. as you know it does not = work on contax ND files. you might also want to look @ the capture one software = from this the one i use for canon and nikon raw files and it superb.=20


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Thanks Marc. I'll have a look at the site. I have Elements 2 at the = moment but have had PS 7 on 30 day trial which has now expired. I had = been thinking of buying it but I think I will hang on until the 8 = version apppears especially as Mehrdad says that Sept. is rumoured which = is not too far away now.




>=20 >=20 >=20 > [I though PS8 is due in August, 2003. Kaisern] >=20 >=20 >=20


I recently attended a digital workshop by a well known photographer who is a beta tester for Adobe. He "hinted" that PS8 will be out around October and that it would be geared more for photographers than graphic arts people.



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That's good news that PhotoShop 8 may well be due out soon and be biased more towards photographers. I think that I will hang on a while although I wonder if the price will be hiked up.
Thanks for help everyone.


To whom it may concern:

About CONTAX N DIGITAL I have PC version for Raw Data Developer.
Can Anyone help me with MAC version for Raw Data Developer ? Please attach files with mail to me
Thank You.