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about Sigma Photo pro 4 + SD14


New Member
Has someone tested the new SigmaPhotoPro 4 with his SD14?
I've seen a worst quality in the raw conversion of my SD14 compared to the SPP 3.5... Is it possible? The first pict is converted with the new version, the second with the 3.5 .
( I use a PC, i've not tryed it on a Mac).


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SPP 4.0 may produce better results but will not always...those color blotches in high ISO pictures are still not really convingly dealt with. Sometimes it works but then SPP4.0 makes the overall sharpness mudgy and noticeable less crispy than the original Foveon sharpness.
I think SPP 4.0 will give the best quality results only with the newer models using true engine II e.g. DP2s DP1x SD15...

my 10cent


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+1 with Ombud....I noticed that sharpening on SPP 4 gets worse with the SD14....however the auto mode is a lot better on the SPP-4 than the older ones....

I always take my pictures into another program to clean them up after SPP....for quick and easy...Nikon NX2 for more detailed work....PS4....

My two cents...Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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I got rid of SPP long ago. My usual workflow is to use Adobe DNG converter to translate the pictures to .DNG files and then process them with Adobe Lightroom...

SPPro 4.0

I seem to have a much better experience with SPP 4.0 + SD14 than the others. SPP 4.0 on a iMac Intel, OS 10.4.11, is much reliable than 3.5. It has not crashed once, so far. The RAW conversion is outstanding compared to any Adobe product, so I don't quite understand why you moan against SPP 4.0.

I have attached a sample photo, don't know if it will get through this time.