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Abrahamssonbs rapid winder



Before Leica's M motor, most people tend to use Tom's rapidwinder for their M6/M6TTL. I would like to hear what people think of his rapidwinder and how it compares to Leica's M motorwinder?
I have a titanium M6TTL and it would be nice to get Tom's rapidwinder as he makes it is titanium finish too.
Thank you in advance for advice.


It is a great piece of work! I never take it of my M6.You also get a perfect service from Tom even if you buy a used one(hard to find).I am a left eye shooter and with the rapidwinder I have the comfort of keeping my eye where it should be (looking through the camera)without sticking my thumb in my right eye to advance the film.You will be surprised of the speed, without the terrible consumption of batteries or noise and weight of a motor.Buy one and be happy!


> David, Tom Abrahamsson's winder is not so much about frames per second (though I reckon I can keep up with Leica's motor on my Abe winder), but more about using something with the same DNA as M cameras. As you know, it's totally mechanical, but built with impeccable precision, and built solidly. Then there's the tactile factor: it just feels right, and greatly improves the stability and ergonomics of shooting with an M6 (a lot more than you'd think, and certainly more than Leica's motor). And, not least, there's that wonderful feeling of self assurance that, no matter what the weather, you ain't ever going to lose a shot due to power failure or electro-glitches. All of them reasons we bought an M6 in the first place, right? It just kindof feels like 'mixing your metaphors' to bolt an electronic accessory to an M6. And the Leica winder has a disquieting little 'kick' when it winds on, which is really annoying when you've spent so much on the smoothest shutter on the planet. My advice: Go Abrahamsson. He has true Leica DNA, and you'll never regret it. (And he's such a nice guy, too!) Stuart.


I have not had any experience of the new Leica Motor, but I used a horrible Winder M for quite a long time on an M4-P. I hated that motor, and the way the front of the motor housing would bulge a little as the motor came to the end of its travel (once the film is wound on, the motor runs for a fraction of a second and turns against the resistance of the fully wound camera gear train to trip the microswitch that switches it off. I know. I looked, to find out why it was so crap).
Anyway, I bought one of Tom's Rapidwinders for my M2. It's true - it's brilliant. However because my M2 is a chrome one I asked him for the brushed alloy finish. Lovely job, but on the camera I didn't like its brilliantness against the understated dull chrome of the Leica, so my Rapidwinder M2 is now matt black enamel, and getting some lovely chips and handling patina on it. It makes the camera much more comfortable to hold, and once you're used to the winding-shutter cycle it is a great tool. I don't know if Tom's 300 limit on winders for the M2 has been reached, but if you want one it never hurts to ask.


I too am a left-eye shooter, and the Rapidwinder is ideal. It is, however bulky and heavy, and will not turbo-charge your M, no matter how quick you are!




I've been using the Rapid Winder for a short while now and can tell you it's a beautiful piece of equipment. It's certainly NO heavier or bulkier than the motor.

From what I've heard, the motor causes the shutter release to pulse up and down. The older winder models had a heart beat every time it was fired. GREAT!!!!

I've heard that Tom is making his LAST batch of winders for the M2 but you'd better get your name on the list because most have already been sold. I have a feeling that these will become more and more expensive as their rarity increases.

I NEVER remove mine from the camera and have just picked up one of Tom's grips. Fabulous combo and makes the M6 a lot easier to handle... I NEVER leave home without them!