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AC11 AC Adapter


New Member
I recently purchase an AC-11 AC Adapter. On the cord of the secondary (i.e., 6 volt side), juxtaposed to the plug, is a plastic quasi-barrel shaped device. The cord is looped 360° through the device. What is the purpose of the device?


Theese devices are normal on a lot of different cables for dataequipment. They reduce the amonut of noise from/to the device they are ment for.


New Member
> Hi, the like barrel device is ferrite core. The wire going through made filter which cut off high frequecy noise signals from electronic device, ie from power supply. Ota


> [It's a radio frequency interference suppressor. If you were to > take it apart you would find a tube of material inside that is made

> from an iron powder held together with an epoxy. The combination of

> theiron and the coil shape make a high resistance for radio > frequencies without affecting the DC. It means that any noise your > device causes doesn't get into other equipment, and vice versa.]