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Accessories and things G2 and lenses on eBay



Here a few bits for sale. All the big stuff is on eBay with no reserve. Your chance to buy a lens for $0.99

- (2) Contax GG-1 Metal Lens Hood, box/packaging. Fits 28, 35. Mint $20 each.
- (2) Contax GK-54 Metal Cap to fit Metal Lens Hoods, box/packaging. Mint $20 each.
- Contax GC-21 leather case for G2, box/packaging. $50.
- Contax Cable Switch L, box/papers/packaging. $10.
- (2) B+W 46 mm Coated 010 (2C) UV filters, case, box/packaging/papers, etc. . $10 each.
- B+W 46mm Linear Polarizer, case, box/packaging/papers, etc. $25.

My items on eBay:
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- Contax G2 Body
- Contax G 21mm
- Contax G 35mm
- Contax G 45mm
- Contax G 90mm
- Contax TLA 200 Flash