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Accidentally Reformatted Card

I had about 400 images from Chile and I did this in the camera (Contax U4R). Does this mean I am totally out of luck? My heart leapt into my throat when I realized my mistake.


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No problem! Just dont do anything more with the card in your camera!

There are several very good restore programs. With Lexar and Sandisk the software comes on the card and I simply copy it to my hard drive.

What system do you uuse Mac OS X or Windows PC?

What make of card? I may be able to replace the free software that you accidentally erased????

If not there are plenty of excellent restore programs to get.

It is a lexar SD 1gb. Mac OS X. I don't have a card reader, I import from the camera. When I realized what I did, I removed the card from the camers. I took it to a friend who has a data recovery program. It did not find any data. Hopefully there are other solutions. Thanks for your help.


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What data recovery program did your friend try?

Where are you located? I'm in Los Angeles.

How big a file can I send you?

Give me you email and I'll send you the utility!

Or else I'll post it on my .mac site.

I have to go out now but will deal with it first thing in am.

I have other rescue software too. One way or another we'll get you pics back even if I have to do it myself, LOL!