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Accumulator available for G2 and TLA 200 Flash



Sometimes its a hassel to have no recharchable battery available for the flash and camera. I often leafe the battery in the flash and it seams the battery gets drained. then i use it and find out i dont have any battery left because i recently did swap the batterys from the camera and flash and also did switched on the camera per accident when i stowed it away.
This little battery are somtimes not available and usually expensive.

Are there any options to have power from some accumulator wich fitt in the Camera and Flash and have enought power for at least half of the Battery ?
Thanks for your deas
cheers Thomas


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Only thing I can tell you is tha ithink Contax makes a AA adapter for the G2. And I think it costs a fortune. I hate paying $10 for the batteries this camera takes.

Professional leverl Nikon's take AA. My F100, F5 and Fuji S2 all take AA. I use rechargables and have a recharger that works on AC and also my cars accessory port.

As far as the TLA200 is concerned...........forget about it! I rarely even use mine. I don't consider the G2 a flash camera anyway. Especially when I own three Nikon's with the best TTL flash control in the business. If I'm out with my G2 and I feel I need flash, I usually put a roll of ISO 1600 or better into the camera and use my Sekonic for more precice exsposure. Last week I did a portfolio shoot for a model I met on the streets in NYC. I had my camera along but no flash with me at all. We needed a quick studio so I rented a motel room in Brooklyn. Using the ambient light of the room, ISO 3200 film and a light meter really did the trick.


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I too have noticed the very high battery consumption of my recently acquired G2. One thing I have found out is, if you accidentally knock the shutter mode selector partway to multiple exposures and off/on/AEL switch to on as you are putting the camera away in a bag/case it can run the batteries down in about a day. It is quite easy to do this if you have a fairly close fitting bag. I have managed to do this twice and found dead batteries on next trying to use. The auto-switch-off does not appear to work in this case. I now buy batteries (either Fuji or Panasonic lithium) mail order, when the price falls to about GBP11 for a ten pack from
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. There is obviously a healthy profit margin on batteries in camera shops, as I have been charged up to GBP7.50 per battery. Wilson