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Adapter MAM1 Hasselblad T To Contax 645


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The Kyocera website displays no real information on the MAM-1.They have thus far not responded to my emails for information.Where can one find detailed information? The retailers websites don't give anything but a listing of the part #993370 and the price.
Hi Don, when I looked for a MAM-1 earlier this year, I was told by B&H that it was discontinued, and I see they no longer have the item on their site (whereas there are still adapters for Hassy lens for 35mm Contax bodies). I did find one in February by using Google to locate small photo dealers with web sites...some small dealer in CT sold me their last one. You may have to do that, as they don't seem to pop up often on eBay (if at all).


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Hi Don, This is true as I also checked with Contax in the U.K. and it is no longer available something to do with Hasselblad no longer willing to supply the Hassie side of the mount.
The Contax Gallery in London did have them but also have another mount done by Novaflex that doe's the same job but not as well built as the MAM-1 its also £100 less about £250 retail.
Cheers Bob


>=20 >=20 >=20 > I use MAM-1 quite often with the Apo-Tessar 300/2.8 TPP. What I usually = do is > go to the largest F stop for focus, then stop down for checking the depth= and > set either 645 at AV or N1/ND at AV ( in combination with NAM-1 ), the re= sult > is very good. I have no problem getting good result ( correct exposure a= nd > precise focus ) from the captioned setting. Brgds/kaisern >=20 > =20 >=20 >=20 >=20


When you use the NAM adapter, do you lose the Automatic functions? and does it only work in Manual aperture (or aperture priority)?



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Geoff, Yes to your answer as the lens is used in the stop down mode however the Focus confermation light still works even though you are focusing in manual. Also can lock the camera in B and fire from the leaf shutter in the lens for e.g.1/500 sec flash sync if required. Works well with all the lenses except the new H1 Mount. Bob


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Geoff after posting to you I see you asked about the NAM and not the MAM as if the Header.
NAM-1 is for using the Contax 645 lenses on the N1 ND or NX 35mm SLR style camera in which case all is automatic and you do not lose anything.
MAM-11 is for using Hasselblad lenses on the Contax 645 as last posting referes to this.
So there is MAM - 1 and NAM - 1 Confusing Yh! Bob


With MAM-1 you can not use the leaf shutter onHaselb.optics. And you can not use spotmetering, only average.


Bob & Geir,

You seem to disagree as to the use of the leaf shutter in the Hassy lenses for faster flash sync on a C645. Are you both speaking from experience? I've never tried any Hassy glass on my C645 and would really like to know the correct answer to this.




With any non-Contax 645 lens mounted with any adapter your Contax 645 body will not communicate to lens.
As a result of this: spot meter works as you had a lens with aperture 0 connected to body - from practical perspective it is useless. Average metering works becouse its sensor is located in prism. Back will not inprint shutter and aperture settings. As M.Reihmann says Kodak digital back works with Hartblei superrotator lens mounted.
AF sensor still works, so when you adjust the focus you`ll see in viewfinder if it`s in focus or not - very convinient. I usually shoot in manual mode with Pentacon 6 lenses but Av mode works too. TTL works. Mirrow raise button does not work if I remember it correctly but you still can use 2sec delay mode that raises mirrow automatically.

MAM adapter does not support leaf shutters (what of course does not prevent you from doing that Robert pointed to - lock Contax in B mode and use mechanical Hassy lens in any way you want). Camera will still shoot using its own focal plane shutter only. Focusing to infinity is OK.

Did I miss anything?