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Added the SD15 to my SD14


Okay, here is a very unscientific comparison between the SD14 and SD15.

First, I have not had the color shift issues with the SD14, but that may have been due to how and where I typically use the camera (landscapes, wildlife, birds in flight, and sometimes, portraits). The lighting is usually good, so noise is normally not an issue.

The SD15 has a lot of nice updates, including a more logical button layout and is much faster to change settings. The larger LCD display is welcome as well as the higher resolution of the display. The new exposure system is also nice. One area that the SD15 still lacks is the high noise in the shadows (can be easily removed using various tools - I typically use Lightroom). The white balance works well for most situations (never had an issue with the SD14 either) and the high ISO settings are not too useful (noise becomes an issue at ISO 800 and ISO 1600 should be reserved for emergencies only).

So, is the SD15 worth the money or should you wait for the SD1? For me, the SD1 RAW file size will be a big issue as I use a Mac Book Pro and have limited hard drive space. Those on desktop systems may be able to have several terrabytes of storage and may not care. Yes, I would certain like the SD1, but the SD15 is, IMHO, a worth while upgrade over the SD14.


PS To get the most out of either camera, the use of EX grade lenses is highly recommended. My favorites are the 50-500 HSM for birds in flight (the OS version would not help when panning), the 70-200 f2.8 HSM for a general telephoto (I carry the 2x converter just in case I need more reach), my 28-70 f2.8 is sharper then my 24-70 f2.8, but I prefer the latter for the wider end, the 18-50 f2.8 macro for when I need a wider lens (someday, I may get the 10-20) and finally, the 30 f1.4 for indoors, available light stuff.


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Actually you can get great results with old manual focus lenses too.
I only use manual focus primes on my SD14. Only two are made by Sigma (the Sigma 14mm f3.5 and the Sigmatel Multi-Scalematic 135mm f1.8) but the rest are made by Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Tokina, Carl Zeiss and Vivitar, ranging from the 14mm Sigma to the MTO 1000A 1100mm f10.5.
You can samples from all of them here:
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