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Adobe DNG Profile Editor working space


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If you use Adobe's DNG Profile Editor to create custom Camera Profiles for use in ACR/Photoshop, this may of interest.

At the top of the Color Tables page, it shows values for RGB, Lab and HSL for the built-in color-picker. (In Photoshop, the Lab a* and b* values have a stated range of -128 to +127).

Not so in the *@#% Profile Editor !! You can actually get values outside of that range, see my post on dpReview here:

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I converted an X3F file to a DNG, using Adobe's conversion download. I opened the DNG image in Adobe's DNG Profile Editor. I noticed that some parts of my image gave values of more than +127, for example +145!

The Editor appears to work in a linear (gamma = 1) 16-bit color space (ROMM or ProPhoto) and this is what the displayed Lab values are taken from. Pretty useless, IMHO. So now I don't trust anything that color picker shows :-(

Good old Adobe, they can be relied upon to make life complicated . . .