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Advice on quickly changing lenses on the G


New Member
I recently purchased a second hand G1 and I'm really enjoying learning how to use this quirky and wonderful camera. It was much easier adapting to it than I thought it would be and it's produced some great results so far. The only thing that's giving me trouble is the process of switching between lenses (ie. mounting, unmounting, capping, uncapping). I know this isn't a problem particular to the G cameras, but since most people use primes instead of the zoom, I'm assuming there's a lot more lens switching involved.

My question is for people who've used the G for a long time: Are there things that you do that make the process of lens switching more fast and efficient? Are there things that you've learned through experience that have made you quicker?


I dont have any problem changing the lense on the G1 or G2 in the dark it is also no problemo. The lenses are compact and light. Its the best when you make up your mind what you want to photograph and with what lenses. I go normaly with one lense on the camera out. Otherwise it is bether puting a zoom lens on or cary another body with. Its bad when you waste al your time and brain changing lenses instead focusing un the Subject or Objekt and take a good Photograph with that one lense.


I'm new to the G world as well and love working with the system. I decided to go with second body
(I found a good used one) and stick to my primes.
With the money I saved not buying the 35-70 zoom....(which is an incredibly sharp zoom) I ordered some Zeiss filters instead. I think two bodies will offer me the most flexiabilty overall. Especially after years of hauling big Nikon equipment where a zoom seemed the only option in many cases.


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One tip I can give you that you fit your lenses with the same rear caps. I used 28/45/90mm lenses and fitted them all with the rear caps made for the 28mm. As this particular cap is a little deeper than the ones made for the other lenses (due to the rear of the 28mm sticking out further) yet fits all. This way whenever I reached for a cap I knew it would fit.



Well-Known Member
Clever idea Paul. I may go for that and get three more 28 caps.
What I do is keep the lens hoods on (except for the 90) and use cheap slip on lens caps over the hoods. It doesn't help with lens changing but it is convenient.