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AF Body for Wife


I am trying to figure out which AF camera to get for my wife. She is an avid photographer (primarily with her Mamiya 645AF), but hates to research equipment. For an SLR she is currently using a old Minolta Maxxum 5si. I just got a N90s and she has a bit of the green eyed monster. I told her that we might as well get another Nikon that way we don't need to maintain two seperate sets of 35mm lenses (which of course gives me the go ahead for that 105mm DC that I have been eyeing!.) She likes the capabilities of my camera but its too big and heavy for her tastes - my N90s weighs almost as much as the 645. I was thinking perhaps a 6006 or N70... Any suggestions out there?


New Member
If you're interested, I have an N70 which has the option of including panoramic shots (and date st&). I have been extremely happy with the camera, and it is completely reliable. I would rate its condition (on a scale of 1 to 10) as 9.0 (only because it is not new, but also because it has been well cared for. I have gone completely digital now, and the camera is not being used. If you're interested please let me know. best of luck.

Kendall Fleming



I have an F80 (N80) and it works great. It has spot-metering and the reputable matrix metering, which is what I got it over the Canon's. On the other hand, the F75 is newer and might also be work a look for a lower price.

I am also curious to know what Nikkor lenses you have and planning to get in the future.



The F80 is the way to go. Although a pro-sumer camera, it has many features found on its big brothers, f100 and F5. And the big plus is the small frame. it will feel great in her hands. A D70 will do the same trick for her if you decide to go digital.