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AF Body for Wife


I am trying to figure out which AF camera to get for my wife. She is an avid photographer (primarily with her Mamiya 645AF), but hates to research equipment. For an SLR she is currently using a old Minolta Maxxum 5si. I just got a N90s and she has a bit of the green eyed monster. I told her that we might as well get another Nikon that way we don't need to maintain two seperate sets of 35mm lenses (which of course gives me the go ahead for that 105mm DC that I have been eyeing!.) She likes the capabilities of my camera but its too big and heavy for her tastes - my N90s weighs almost as much as the 645. I was thinking perhaps a 6006 or N70... Any suggestions out there?


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My wife thought the F100 was too heavy, but I purchased for her anyway and now she loves it, even when she uses a large flash.




>If your wife loves your F90 why not give it to her and get yourself an F100 or an F5? ;) > Before I'd get an F70 I'd look into an F75 if you have the dough. Much more and better features and the LCD is not that weird (that thing drove me nuts!)


> Hi Mark, > > I just sold my F4s and FM3a, and replaced both with a s/h F80 (N80 in the > USA). It has just about everything the F100 has but lacks the sturdy and > dustproof build. However, it is so light at 18 ozs that I am prepared to cosset > it a lot inexchange for not have to trog the F4s around any more. A day's > shooting round here in the heat in Southern Spain killed my adoration for the > F4s - a wonderful camera, to be sure, but for me at 70 years of age, not the > weight I want to carry all day. > > The F80 handles well, especially with the AA battery holder MB-16 atttached, > and with two lenses, 24-85 and 70-210, is just right for "tourist" -type > travel shooting, and backs up my rangefinders. The F80 can be a simple P&S, or > as manual as you wish. There is nothing extra that you don't need, like > "Sports", "Portrait" etc modes. It is just small and light and very convenient. > Price ? - about a third of an F100, with 95% of the F100's features. > > My dos centimos - hope it helps. > > Robin in Spain

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Take a look at the F80/N80 everything Robin has said is spot on.
I use it for weddings these day's instead of the F5 its light to carry around, and offers most of the functions you will ever need and the wind on is very quite ideal inside the church.


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I have an N90S that I have used for five years.It is a great camera and probably all the camera I will ever need.I too have reached the age of 70 and I still love to hike and take long treks in the mountains and desert. The N90S has become a bit too much to schlepp along with a couple of lenses,tripod,water etc.It has caused me to hike less and less.
I was able to buy a new USA version of the N80 for $202 US after the Nikon rebate. The N80 is a real marvel.More features than the N90s really,and 18 ounces.I have become very fond of this tiny marvel .And so quiet.I really believe it is quieter than the rangefinders I used in the fifties. With the N80,a 28-200 lens and a50mm 1.8 lens I feel ready for any shooting situation.I also carry 3t and 4t nikon closeup diopters. At times,I leave off the 50mm and carry a 100mm vivitar macro lens which is also superlight.I love the N90S and I will never give it up, but the N80 is an exciting piece of equipment.