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AF Nikkor 28mm f14D

Any one using or used this lense?
I am thinking about getting it but i need some opinion.
i have noticed that lenses are priced according to their speed eg. f1.4 is much more than f3.5
why is that?


New Member
I have owned this lens for the past 6 months and absolutly love it. It is as sharp or sharper than my 20 2.8 or 24 2.8, all the way to F8. Even wide open it is remarkably sharp. I bought it mainly for low light conditions which it obviously excells at, but I find myself using it as my main everyday lens. I really like the 28 mm focal length. Anothe plus for me is the fact that I almost always manual focus and this AF lens has the best manual focus feel of any AF lens I have ever tried. I have combined this lens with my 85 1.4 AF on many occasions to get a great, somewhat small, light and simple kit that covers almost all the things I like to do.

If you buy this lens you will be very suprised at how slow of a shutter speed you can hand hold and get good pictures. I can go down to 1/8th sec. and still get great shots.

Good luck!


This lens, along with the AFD 85mm/f1.4, and an F100 constitude my travel kit. Remarkable quality in a lightweight, compact kit.
But for the price of this lens (AFD 28mm/f1.4), one could also put together a (4) Nikkor prime system that will also get you high quality, (i.e., AFD 24mm/f28, 35mm/f2.0, 85mm/f1.8, 180mm/f2.8).
For me, it wasn't that difficult a decision, since the other system I looked at was Leica M.
I only wish Nikon would make the 45mm/f2.8 P in an AFD version to round my kit out.