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AFd 24105 and 50 17


New Member
Hello everybody,
I am new here. I am going to buy a Dynax 7. No problem about the body, but some concern about the lenses.
I would like to know how good they are ,also compared to other brands (i.e. nikon 28-105 afd, 50 1.8).
Thank you in advance



I have written about this in another minolta forum, i will repeat it is wonderful, this lens with my Dynex 5. It is the only camra that I ever had that I get the exposure and the flash right.I have had every camra you care to name in 50 years of taking pictures, the minolta is the only one that gives me 100%. Just go out and buy the 24-105 and start taking pictures that you have never seen befor. use some Fugi Astia take some portraits and buildings scan them on a Minolta 5400 scanner or a Scandual 3. print to 15x12 and blow your eyes and mind.You will forget all about digital camras.I like the 5,7,9, I want the Dynex 9. because it is the best SLR camra in the World, I use the 5 with the 24-105 the 50.1.7. so,so good. the 75.300.again do not dream get the Dynex 7 with 24-105 and you will also know that Minolta is the best SLR that there is.If you want to equal this buy a Lica MP. but you will still have to get a Minolta 5400 Scanner to get the best from it


New Member
> I agree ... the 24-105 is an amazing lens. If you do not get absolutely incredible images with that lens, then I would question the quality of your lab.


Ok Ok
Minolta did make good Cameras and made good lenses. The 50mm Macro is realy imasing and also the G 2,8 300mm.
But minolta does not make the best system and if somone does compare to Leica!? its a different world.
But The new Maxum 7 with a 24-105mm zoomlens is a very versatile Eqipment for a realy good price, but never as good as Prime lenses from Contax or Minolta.
There are advanteges and disadvantiges on al brands.