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AFS 70200 VR



Congratulations on your new lens! I believe it will bring much joy!

I personnaly use the VR whenever I am shooting slower than 1/125s. Do remember to put it off when using a tripod. I made this error once and needless to say that I threw may photo's away. Also remember that you do have the "active" mode as well when using on some moving vehicle, etc.

I do suggest that you study the information sheet that came with your lens in detail.

Enjoy the shooting!


Hi Hendrik,

I think I have a malfunction, that's why I rearch for other owner. Upon starting the camera (D2H) the lens (VR button OFF!) start to make a rattling noise and so on every time when touching the release button.....

I am convinced that this is not normal, Also I do not seem to experience the VR adjusting of the lenses during any shooting.



When the VR has been switch of you must let it focus once before the "ratling" (very soft) will go away. If you do that and you still experience the sound I do suggest taking the lens back to have it checked out. Also, you will immediately notice the difference with VR. Perhaps rather take it back to have it checked out.


I too have a 200-400VR and it works great - no problems. I do have a question. Is there a filter holder that will allow you to rotate a cir. polarizer filter in the 200-400 VR unit? I do not see one mentioned in the manual and the dealer was not sure.