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Aftermarket lens for C770



Can anyone recommend a good aftermarket brand (from experience) wide angle lens for my C-770.. The olympus lens are a bit out of my price range.. I wrote "from experience" because i bought a bower 0.38x wide angle which is supposed to be compatabile with my cam and the vignetting is so bad the lens is useless to me.. I have to zoom in at least 2x to get past the vignetting which defeats the purpose of wide angle.. Ive found out the hard way you get what you pay for with these cheap brand lens's so i dont want to make the same mistake twice..
Thanx all...
Ive included a pic of the vignetting im trying to avoid!!! (which i cant understand why it only shows on right side of pic)


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> ]Sorry about your bad experience with the Bower WA attachment; I had similar problems with a no-name WA for my Minolta. It actually worked reasonably well with focal length settings narrower than 35mm, but since the lens goes > to 28mm by itself, what's the point? I have had good luck with Minolta's attachment for my camera and presume from my experience with other Olympus cameras and lenses I own that Olympus's attachment for the C-770 would also > work well.

Based on your experience and mine, I would suggest against buying a third-party WA (and maybe tele) attachment without a 100% money-back guarantee. That probably means buying from a local retailer rather than mail-order; the disadvantages to that are that it may be hard to find a local retailer who has one, and that mail-order prices tend to be lower.

-Ivan Berger]