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Agfa Vista 800 ASA color negative film


I am looking for some feedback on this 35mm film,especially insofar as grain size and enlargement capabilities are concerned.
All comments highly appreciated.



Well-Known Member
My son-in-law used this film in an Epoque ET100 waterproof (it isn't!!) camera when he went SCUBA diving recently in Malaysia. Notwithstanding = that the brand new camera turns out to be a waste of space/money, the results from the few films which did come out have been very poor with quite a = lot of grain and muddy colours. These were developed by a professional commercial bureau whose results I know from personal experience, to be excellent. How much of the problem is down to the camera and how much = to the film we will never know.


New Member
Hi, I tried the Agfa vista 800 on a Yashica FX-7 (usually I get nice results with Fuji)and results were very bad. Lot of grain and bad colours. I will not try anymore.